Don’t Dallas My Austin

This photo was sent to me this afternoon by a buddy of mine and it got me to thinking. These four little words cut right to the heart of the Texas-sixed discrepancy between two of Texas’ most famous cities.

Dallas, for better or worse, is known for a “denim-and-diamonds” lifestyle, as reflected in the popular 1980s show “Dallas.” Oil men, cowboys and glamorous women with big hair and even bigger, um… accessories. Dallas is mature, sensible, conservative and largely dull. Dallas also happens to rank at number 4 on the fattest cities in America list.

If Austin and Dallas were siblings, Austin would be the nerdy little sister. She is the quirky, music-loving, health food-eating, computer geek in the family who doesn’t give a damn what anyone else says about her. Austin is proud of its young, and admittedly “weird” vibe. Surrounded by parks with trails and spring-fed swimming holes, Austin is a playground for the outdoorsy-type. In contrast to Dallas, Austin ranks at number five on the list of America’s leanest cities.

Prior to Dallas, I spent my previous 23 years in Houston. Houston would be the smelly, pervy uncle who nobody really wants to be around. If you’ve ever flown into the city via Hobby Airport, you’ve seen the strip clubs, “adult news stands” and refinery smoke stacks nearby. The best thing Houston has going for it is Saint Arnold Beer.

However, this isn’t about Houston. Given the choice, I’d live in Austin. The city just makes me feel great every time I’m there. The weather seems nicer, the food tastes better and the people friendlier. I love the hilly topography and the downtown area partially framed by a lake. So here’s to you, Austin, and your lovable weirdness. May you be the little sister that never grows up.


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Paul Thompson

Highly passionate about all things related to aviation! I combine my knowledge of the aircraft manufacturing and airline industry to provide a detailed and first-person point of view. I have worked on unique stories with airlines and companies including American Airlines, British Airways, Goodyear, Honeywell, jetBlue, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Red Bull Air Racing, Southwest Airlines, and the U.S. Navy.

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